wind turbine plants

In 1831 Paul la Cour established the first
wind power plant in a schoolyard in Denmark …

Wind power is another environmentally friendly and cost-effective resource that can be used for generating energy. The wind power plants that SAND-INNOVATION and its partners construct are developed based on the latest innovations and insights.  In this way it has been possible to improve the performance of conventional wind turbine plants considerably.

today wind energy features prominently
in the Arab World.

Arab countries have also begun to recognise that wind energy has great potential for energy generation. Even so, some of the countries have had only very little experience in this area. SAND-INNOVATION, with the opportunities and risks that it has encountered in this area, is totally conversant with these challenges and this makes it the perfect partner for your business dealings with the Arab World.

Wind power plants use the wind’s kinetic energy converting this to electrical energy that is then fed into the electricity grid. Decisive for the optimal use of the plant is the perfect synergy between the individual components: A top-quality guide ring ensures that it runs quietly and evenly, while at the same time generating higher wind pressure that is converted into rotational energy via the rotor blades. This is passed on through a generator and there converted into electric energy. The better the plant, the lower the energy losses incurred through friction.

A number of advantages

There are a number of advantages that SAND-INNOVATION’s wind power plants have to offer: The generated electrical energy can for example be used for heating industrial water. This means energy can be used directly at the generation location, dispensing with long transport routes. Naturally the energy can also be fed directly into the public electricity grid. SAND-INNOVATION can provide you with support in this regard.

The technical consulting that we offer specialises in the following components:

  • Rotor blades
  • machinery train
  • electrical system and feed
  • a variety of towers
  • a variety of foundations
  • extra equipment
  • offshore equipment

It goes without say that we will also advise you on environmental impact (overwhelmingly positive) and will discuss with you in detail the given conditions on site – be they climatic, geographical or political.

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