Air Technology

Air is the human being’s most important form of “sustenance”. Air is comprised of the gases nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), argon (1%) and carbon dioxide (0.03%). Even slight changes in this composition can cause damage to health over longer periods. These changes can come about as a result of foreign substances in the air, which are the result of natural processes such as erosion or are the product of combustion of industrial processes and motor vehicle exhaust fumes. To prevent the effect airborne particles have in causing damage to health, these have to be filtered from the air.

The increase in such foreign substances in the air based on increasing industry globally has led to a huge increase in the filter market: Secondary filtration such as exhaust fume filtration or wastewater filtration is becoming increasingly essential. In addition to this, increasingly higher demands are being made on the cleanroom industry in areas such as technical laboratories or medical technology, for instance in the manufacture of microchips or medicinal products.

Sand-Innovation and its partners develop the machines required for filter production that can stand up to these challenges. The filter machines are particularly suited to high numbers of units being produced. At the same time they can manufacture different filter types, which can filter different sizes of foreign matter from the air.  Changeover time from one filter type to the next is so negligible as to be inconsequential. The filter machines can manufacture air filter elements with fold heights ranging from 12mm to 280mm. These filter elements can be manufactured with different fold dimensions ranging from 50mm x 30mm to 1200mm x 1800mm. Our fully variable filter machines process both glass filter mediums of the Ashrae, Ulpa and Hepa filter classes, as well as synthetic filter mediums.

Filter technology is used in the most diametrically opposed areas: From the food industry to pharmaceuticals

The machines constructed by Sand-Innovation and its partners can produce filters used in areas that are completely opposite to one another: In air conditioning systems and air technology, they safeguard plants, machines, engines, turbines and last but not least, people.

In building services engineering filters are deployed to create a healthy indoor climate. Here the right filter combination is instrumental for high air quality. In industry, contemporary manufacturing technologies, varnishing work and other new production techniques pose a huge challenge to ambient, supply and extracted air. For research and development to be promising, optimal room temperatures in laboratories and scientific institutions are a basic prerequisite.  Ambient, supply and extracted air play a huge role in this. At that, it not simply about the cleansing of the air: It is precisely in pharmaceutical technology that many dusts can be found that are the result of manufactured pharmaceutical products. They are extremely valuable and can be further processed. In the food industry filters guarantee germ free ventilation. It ensures the quality of fresh produce.

Air can transmit impurities and pathogens. It is precisely in hospitals and clinics that one has to be sure that the appropriate filters are deployed to avert contagions. Sand-Innovation’s machines meet these different requirements.

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