About Sand-Innovation

SAND-INNOVATION aims at transferring new German technologies in the areas of solar energy, water desalination and waste management to the regions of the Near East, Middle East and Southern Asia.

Using new concepts and innovative ideas, creative and pragmatic solutions are developed for the industrial market in the Arab world: The Company’s strategic functions are market analyses and consulting, organisation, providing support for business transactions, as well as plant construction and installation work.

Experts in your field

The staff and partners of SAND-INNOVATION are experts in your field: They combine their technical expertise with excellent knowledge on the cultural and political structures of the Near East, Middle East and Southern Asia.

Irrespective of whether it is dealing with consulting or plant engineering proposals, SAND-INNOVATION relies on individual concepts that will allow the Company to use available resources and existing conditions optimally. One-stop corporate consulting, technical consulting and organisation of business transactions, guarantees fast and cost-effective project flow.

Headquarters in Hamburg and Tartous

SAND-INNOVATION has headquarters in Hamburg and in the Syrian port city of Tartous. This means closely knit communication channels facilitating smooth business transactions. SAND-INNOVATION wants to build a bridge between Europe and the Near East, Middle East and Southern Asia. Since business transactions are also always synonymous with cultural exchanges, both are interdependent. We work together with highly respected companies in Germany and in the Arab World. This puts us in a position to offer you consulting services, concepts and plants of the highest quality.

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