At SAND-Innovation, total project execution takes place one-stop – from conceptualisation to plant construction and installation work.

The objective is to create a precise synergy between customer wishes and on-site requirements, so as to be in a position to offer cost-effective plants that meet both the needs of the customers and the population.

Individual concepts for plant construction and installation work are compiled based on information from market analyses, meetings with customers and inspection of the destination location for the scheduled plant.

Collaboration with notable companies in Germany makes it possible for SAND-Innovation to develop creative and pragmatic solutions and to use top quality materials for its plant construction and installation work. Computer aided applications are instrumental in developing the optimal solution and ensure that work performed is both cost-effective and efficient.


  • Solar Plants
    • Solar plants as parking areas
    • Solar plants as warehouses
    • Solar plants for open land
  • Waste Management
  • Wind Turbine Plants
  • Water Technology
  • Air Technology (filter technology)
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