Concept & Project Preparation

It is particularly its technical expertise with which SAND-Innovation distinguishes itself. Staff members at SAND-Innovation have made extensive research and development inroads into the different sectors. Furthermore SAND-Innovation works together closely with companies that have become specialised in the different areas and that are frontrunners in these. When it comes to plant construction and installation work, the most effective and cost-efficient solutions are obtained with the help of computer aided programs.

Construction and Installation Work

SAND-Innovation constructs the plants together with its partners on the basis of a concept and installs and develops them on site. The sophisticated German plants have to be adapted individually to the existing circumstances in the Arab countries. For this SAND-Innovation designs professional structures that meet the on-site requirements and the needs of the Client. Only top quality materials are used.


If you are a new entrant to the market and if you are looking into expanding your business operations into the Near East, Middle East and Southern Asia – we will gladly advise and support you! With a detailed market analysis and based on own experience, we can provide you with information on the opportunities and challenges this region holds. Furthermore we can establish contacts for you and support you in your project planning.

On-Site Support

Plant construction and installation work, service and maintenance require professional supervision. SAND-Innovation will gladly assist you with this. Providing professional on-site support is important to us from the outset. Good collaboration, as well as a precise knowledge of the local geographical, political and economic structures are indispensable to finding optimal solutions for our Clients.


A key cost factor to be taken into account in plant construction and installation work is supplying the individual components to the country of destination. Here too we can offer you solutions: We can ascertain the best supply routes for you on request. As a rule, the shorter the supply route, the more cost-effective and low-risk shipping will be.

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