Our mission statement: Through innovative concepts and plants we make a contribution towards the improvement of the environment and the situation of people.

Improvement of the environment

Not only are the plants we provide environmentally friendly, but they also reduce environmental pollution. Innovative plants in the waste management industry or in solar and wind technology for example, allow us to generate energy cost effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner together with our partners.

Using market analyses and on-site research we develop concepts that guarantee the optimal exploitation of existing resources and which do justice to the requirements and wishes of our Clients.

Communication and trust

It is our view that economics and trust go hand in hand, which is why we offer you competitive prices and good advice. To us economics is far more than the transfer of technology: Business transactions are also a cultural exchange and for this reason mutual understanding and respect play a key role for us. At this moment in time the prejudices between East and West seem to be growing – we want to be firm in our endeavours to counter this. With our transfer of technology we also want to create a bridge between Europe and the Arab world.


We are at the cutting edge and are conversant with the latest developments in the areas of solar energy, water desalination, water technologies, waste management and wind power. At this moment in time there are a number of developments in these areas, which together with our partners we are keeping a close eye on for you. Innovative concepts bring about individual and cost-effective solutions that work. This means that plant construction and installation work, as well as deployment, can take place in a fast, uncomplicated and effective manner. Both private and state-run companies will benefit from this, as will the population.

We look forward to working with you!

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