Sand-Innovation and its partners are specialised in the development, construction and installation of solar plants for slanting roofs and open land systems and it guarantees direct connection to the power grid.

Currently in the Arab World the demand for solar plants is constantly on the increase. The governments of the Arab countries have come to recognise that the generation of energy via solar technologies pays off particularly well there: The climatic and spatial conditions in these countries are optimal. The economic and political framework has improved vastly but even so a precise knowledge of the cultural environment becomes necessary for the realisation of solar projects. The staff members of Sand-Innovation are experts in this field.

The flexible modular assembly system facilitates the fast, cost-effective and tailor-made installation of solar plants. Sand-Innovation and its partners rely on highly-developed standardised systems in developing, constructing and installing solar plants for slanting roofs and open land systems. These systems allow the installers to combine versatile components in such a way that building the scheduled plant can take place in a highly effective, uncomplicated and cost-effective manner.  Sand-Innovation will assist you in the construction and installation work of your plant and will find the optimal solution for individual customer needs.

Modular assembly system

The mounting system has been conceptualised as a modular assembly system. In this way each component can be adapted precisely to the individual situations on location: This allows Sand-Innovation to develop with affordable and effective solar plants that serve as parking areas, warehouses or for open land.

A particular challenge when constructing any kind of solar plant is laying the foundation. Here too Sand-Innovation can offer you the latest methods, which will make possible effective and affordable implementation options. In this way labour and material costs are saved, while at the same time you are dealing with an especially sturdy and resilient fastening system.

It goes without saying that we will provide you with detailed instructions and accounting programs to assist the assembler in the construction of the plant and the production process. With this, time is saved and errors averted.

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Air is the human being’s most important form of “sustenance”. Air is comprised of the gases nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), argon (1%) and carbon dioxide (0.03%). Even slight changes in this composition can cause damage to health over longer periods. These changes can come about as a result of foreign substances in the air, which are the result of natural processes such as erosion or are the product of combustion of industrial processes and motor vehicle exhaust fumes. To prevent the effect airborne particles have in causing damage to health, these have to be filtered from the air.

The increase in such foreign substances in the air based on increasing industry globally has led to a huge increase in the filter market: Secondary filtration such as exhaust fume filtration or wastewater filtration is becoming increasingly essential. In addition to this, increasingly higher demands are being made on the cleanroom industry in areas such as technical laboratories or medical technology, for instance in the manufacture of microchips or medicinal products.

Sand-Innovation and its partners develop the machines required for filter production that can stand up to these challenges. The filter machines are particularly suited to high numbers of units being produced. At the same time they can manufacture different filter types, which can filter different sizes of foreign matter from the air.  Changeover time from one filter type to the next is so negligible as to be inconsequential. The filter machines can manufacture air filter elements with fold heights ranging from 12mm to 280mm. These filter elements can be manufactured with different fold dimensions ranging from 50mm x 30mm to 1200mm x 1800mm. Our fully variable filter machines process both glass filter mediums of the Ashrae, Ulpa and Hepa filter classes, as well as synthetic filter mediums.

Filter technology is used in the most diametrically opposed areas: From the food industry to pharmaceuticals

The machines constructed by Sand-Innovation and its partners can produce filters used in areas that are completely opposite to one another: In air conditioning systems and air technology, they safeguard plants, machines, engines, turbines and last but not least, people.

In building services engineering filters are deployed to create a healthy indoor climate. Here the right filter combination is instrumental for high air quality. In industry, contemporary manufacturing technologies, varnishing work and other new production techniques pose a huge challenge to ambient, supply and extracted air. For research and development to be promising, optimal room temperatures in laboratories and scientific institutions are a basic prerequisite.  Ambient, supply and extracted air play a huge role in this. At that, it not simply about the cleansing of the air: It is precisely in pharmaceutical technology that many dusts can be found that are the result of manufactured pharmaceutical products. They are extremely valuable and can be further processed. In the food industry filters guarantee germ free ventilation. It ensures the quality of fresh produce.

Air can transmit impurities and pathogens. It is precisely in hospitals and clinics that one has to be sure that the appropriate filters are deployed to avert contagions. Sand-Innovation’s machines meet these different requirements.

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Guaranteeing a reliable supply of drinking water and the possibility of actually being able to generate energy through new technologies such as pumps and turbines, makes water technology a particularly interesting market in the Arab World. The shortage of water in the Arab World represents a huge public issue and the willingness to invest in this area is particularly high. As a rule industrial, as well as public and private usage, requires large quantities of water. The staff members of Sand-Innovation will advise and support you with the decision on what pumps are the most suitable for your project,

be it pumps whose purpose it is to extract water from the sea, rivers, lakes or wells, or pumps deployed for water treatment or water transmission.

When it comes to water technology, again we work with top-notch partners. We can offer you optimal service solutions in collaboration with these. A functional modular system allows for the uncomplicated and cost-effective conceptualisation of tailor-made pump installations to meet your requirements and conditions on site.

Water turbines: Pump water to generate energy

The demand for reverse pumps that work as turbines has increased dramatically in the past few years. Currently a large proportion of electrical output in water transport systems or in industrial plants is negated by throttle devices. The deployment of water turbines could prevent this without technical expenditure.

Deploying pumps as turbines is well worthwhile since investment costs are negligible and as a rule the efficiency level that can be achieved with the electricity generated is excellent. Furthermore water turbines are ultra-resilient – service and maintenance costs are therefore kept low.

Pumps serving as turbines are primarily deployed where pressure differences and flow rates in a plant can be taken advantage of. They represent a very economical option that is easy to translate into technical terms when it comes to generating and recovering energy. The water turbines can be deployed in just about any area: For water transmission systems before feeding into water tanks; for small hydroelectric installations; for industrial plants as a replacement for throttle installations; for oil supply systems; for chemical or petrochemical processes etc.

The electricity generated can either be fed into the public electricity grid or put at the disposal of own users on site. Furthermore, it is also possible to connect up a water turbine directly to a processing machine thereby taking the pressure off the drive or even completely replacing it.

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In 1831 Paul la Cour established the first
wind power plant in a schoolyard in Denmark …

Wind power is another environmentally friendly and cost-effective resource that can be used for generating energy. The wind power plants that SAND-INNOVATION and its partners construct are developed based on the latest innovations and insights.  In this way it has been possible to improve the performance of conventional wind turbine plants considerably.

today wind energy features prominently
in the Arab World.

Arab countries have also begun to recognise that wind energy has great potential for energy generation. Even so, some of the countries have had only very little experience in this area. SAND-INNOVATION, with the opportunities and risks that it has encountered in this area, is totally conversant with these challenges and this makes it the perfect partner for your business dealings with the Arab World.

Wind power plants use the wind’s kinetic energy converting this to electrical energy that is then fed into the electricity grid. Decisive for the optimal use of the plant is the perfect synergy between the individual components: A top-quality guide ring ensures that it runs quietly and evenly, while at the same time generating higher wind pressure that is converted into rotational energy via the rotor blades. This is passed on through a generator and there converted into electric energy. The better the plant, the lower the energy losses incurred through friction.

A number of advantages

There are a number of advantages that SAND-INNOVATION’s wind power plants have to offer: The generated electrical energy can for example be used for heating industrial water. This means energy can be used directly at the generation location, dispensing with long transport routes. Naturally the energy can also be fed directly into the public electricity grid. SAND-INNOVATION can provide you with support in this regard.

The technical consulting that we offer specialises in the following components:

  • Rotor blades
  • machinery train
  • electrical system and feed
  • a variety of towers
  • a variety of foundations
  • extra equipment
  • offshore equipment

It goes without say that we will also advise you on environmental impact (overwhelmingly positive) and will discuss with you in detail the given conditions on site – be they climatic, geographical or political.

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We turn refuse into energy cheaply, environmentally friendly and aesthetically

Sustainable and energy efficient waste treatment is taking on increasingly greater significance in the interests of climate change. For this reason SAND-INNOVATION and its partners have specialised themselves in this area with the latest technologies. Given the waste situation in Arab countries a special demand exists here.

Especially because of population growths and because of the increasing global consumption of goods, there is a vast increase in the quantity of waste produced on a daily basis. Only few precautions for waste disposal are being taken in Arab countries, which can lead to harmful effects on health, as well as pollution of the environment.

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective waste disposal and recycling – Sand-Innovation relies on the latest technologies

The activities of Said-Innovation in this area are exemplary: Thus SAND-INNOVATION systematically uses wind and solar energy, conserves natural resources through environmentally sound fermentation of sewage sludge and biological waste and uses thermal waste disposal and waste to energy disposal for the production of electricity or other usable sources of energy.

SAND-INNOVATION is involved in the construction and building of waste management facilities with the objective of recycling waste even more systematically. In this way not only can costs be cut in the case of waste disposal and recycling, but a deciding contribution can be made to the environment.
The individually designed waste disposal plants by SAND-INNOVATION and its partners are based on the underlying idea of restoring organic material back to the natural cycle.

For example SAND-INNOVATION offers plants that can manufacture quality assured compost from sewage sludge. This valuable compost is deployed in horticulture or agriculture or in re-cultivation.

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We are at the cutting edge and are conversant with the latest developments in the areas of solar energy, water desalination, water technologies, waste management and wind power. At this moment in time there are a number of developments in these areas, which together with our partners we are keeping a close eye on for you. Innovative concepts bring about individual and cost-effective solutions that work. This means that plant construction and installation work, as well as deployment, can take place in a fast, uncomplicated and effective manner. Both private and state-run companies will benefit from this, as will the population.

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It is our view that economics and trust go hand in hand, which is why we offer you competitive prices and good advice. To us economics is far more than the transfer of technology: Business transactions are also a cultural exchange and for this reason mutual understanding and respect play a key role for us. At this moment in time the prejudices between East and West seem to be growing – we want to be firm in our endeavours to counter this. With our transfer of technology we also want to create a bridge between Europe and the Arab world.

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Not only are the plants we provide environmentally friendly, but they also reduce environmental pollution. Innovative plants in the waste management industry or in solar and wind technology for example, allow us to generate energy cost effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner together with our partners.

Using market analyses and on-site research we develop concepts that guarantee the optimal exploitation of existing resources and which do justice to the requirements and wishes of our Clients.

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SAND-Innovation is a young company that is constantly growing. With us you will have the opportunity of having diverse and exciting responsibilities and will quickly be granted responsibility commensurate with employment. Trips to the Arab World will fall within your scope of work.

What we expect from our staff members is exceptional professionalism, intercultural sensitivity, Arab World experience, knowledge of the region, motivation and dedication.

We are currently looking to employ:

  • Power engineers
  • Experienced accountants
  • Electrical engineers

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