We turn refuse into energy cheaply, environmentally friendly and aesthetically

Sustainable and energy efficient waste treatment is taking on increasingly greater significance in the interests of climate change. For this reason SAND-INNOVATION and its partners have specialised themselves in this area with the latest technologies. Given the waste situation in Arab countries a special demand exists here. Especially because of population growths and because of the increasing global consumption of goods, there is a vast increase in the quantity of waste produced on a daily basis. Only few precautions for waste disposal are being taken in Arab countries, which can lead to harmful effects on health, as well as pollution of the environment.

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective waste disposal and recycling – Sand-Innovation relies on the latest technologies

The activities of Said-Innovation in this area are exemplary: Thus SAND-INNOVATION systematically uses wind and solar energy, conserves natural resources through environmentally sound fermentation of sewage sludge and biological waste and uses thermal waste disposal and waste to energy disposal for the production of electricity or other usable sources of energy.

SAND-INNOVATION is involved in the construction and building of waste management facilities with the objective of recycling waste even more systematically. In this way not only can costs be cut in the case of waste disposal and recycling, but a deciding contribution can be made to the environment.

The individually designed waste disposal plants by SAND-INNOVATION and its partners are based on the underlying idea of restoring organic material back to the natural cycle.
For example SAND-INNOVATION offers plants that can manufacture quality assured compost from sewage sludge. This valuable compost is deployed in horticulture or agriculture or in re-cultivation.

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