Solar Plants

Sand-Innovation and its partners are specialised in the development, construction and installation of solar plants for slanting roofs and open land systems and it guarantees direct connection to the power grid.

Currently in the Arab World the demand for solar plants is constantly on the increase. The governments of the Arab countries have come to recognise that the generation of energy via solar technologies pays off particularly well there: The climatic and spatial conditions in these countries are optimal. The economic and political framework has improved vastly but even so a precise knowledge of the cultural environment becomes necessary for the realisation of solar projects. The staff members of Sand-Innovation are experts in this field.

The flexible modular assembly system facilitates the fast, cost-effective and tailor-made installation of solar plants. Sand-Innovation and its partners rely on highly-developed standardised systems in developing, constructing and installing solar plants for slanting roofs and open land systems. These systems allow the installers to combine versatile components in such a way that building the scheduled plant can take place in a highly effective, uncomplicated and cost-effective manner.  Sand-Innovation will assist you in the construction and installation work of your plant and will find the optimal solution for individual customer needs.

Modular assembly system

The mounting system has been conceptualised as a modular assembly system. In this way each component can be adapted precisely to the individual situations on location: This allows Sand-Innovation to develop with affordable and effective solar plants that serve as parking areas, warehouses or for open land.

A particular challenge when constructing any kind of solar plant is laying the foundation. Here too Sand-Innovation can offer you the latest methods, which will make possible effective and affordable implementation options. In this way labour and material costs are saved, while at the same time you are dealing with an especially sturdy and resilient fastening system.

It goes without saying that we will provide you with detailed instructions and accounting programs to assist the assembler in the construction of the plant and the production process. With this, time is saved and errors averted.

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